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Tube Cutting Services Toronto

Aside from standard cold cutting we specialize in tubular laser cutting and processing. There are many great benefits that come from using a laser to cut steel instead of other more traditional tube cutting methods or sevices. Tighter tolerances, less tube deformation, less waste and lower cost are just a few of the reasons to choose muti axis laser cutting over abrasive or cold sawing.

Tab & Slot Construction:
Eliminate fixture cost and reduce assembly time by laser cutting parts with a self-fixturing tab and slot design. The three different designs shown are: Tab & Slot, Hook & Slot (Locking), and Penetration.

Size Range: Round: D Min: .5” / D Max: 6"
Square: Min: .5" x .5" / Max 5" x 5"”
Rectangle: Max (measured diagonally): 150mm

Specs: Maximum weight: 10 lbs / foot
maximum length: 21 feet

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