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Top of the line stainless steel wire products are available from .078” to 3.300” and in various conditions. We pride ourselves in supplying stainless bar, rod and wire products that exceed customer expectations. Our wire is used primarily for re-drawing to fine wire, cold heading, springs and electrodes. We are dedicated to supplying a quality product that is fully certified and tested to industry standards but is still competitive enough to compliment any project.

Supply Condition: Soft Annealed
Bright Annealed
¼ hard
½ hard
Full hard

Grades: Austenitic, Martensitic, Ferritic and Precipitation Hardening
grades for a wide range of applications.

Coil weight: 60/lb to 1500lb

Size Range: :.0236” to .590”

Packing: Loose coils
Metal carriers
Cardboard drums

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