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Our stainless steel pipe is manufactured in a welded and fully annealed condition. We have extensive experience in the manufacturing of stainless pipe and stainless steel tubing for the oil and gas, power generation, chemical, food and dairy, beverage and specialty automotive industries. We understand the manufacturing, industrial and automotive industry's requirements and needs as a stainless steel professional and we have a strong determination to see your project succeed.

Our quality control is fortified by a fully certified lab and the desire to supply material 100 percent defect free. Whether you have questions regarding the proper grade of stainless to use for a particular job, questions about metallurgical properties of different types of stainless or inquiries about ASTM or ASME specs we are happy to assist you.
We also appreciate the importance of working lean and staying competitive as price strains from our competition and yours continue to compress margins. Our tube and pipe mills are state of the art and can turn out thousands of feet of pipe and tube in less time than ever in either straight lengths or coils. We can supply annealed pipe in either high frequency welded and laser welded processes to suite your specific needs.

Available Specs:

ASTM, A269, A268, A312, A778 (Many other specialty
specs are available)

Grades: Austenitic: 304 / 304L / 304H / 316 / 316L / 316Ti / 317 /
317L / 309 / 309S / 310 / 310S / 347 / 347H / 321
Duplex: 2205/SAF 2304/ SAF 2507
Super Stainless: 20/904L/6-Moly
Nickel Alloys: 600/800/625/825/C-276/200

Size Range: OD: .125” - 12”
Sch: 5S - 80S

Grit: Polished pipe available in:
180 grit
240 grit
320 grit

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